Shinsoman Dizzy Dee Melbourne Tino Nakirwa
Shinsoman LIVE in Melbourne
April 21, 2017
The James Hotel
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Shinsoman is a popular Zimbabwe reggae/dancehall artist who came to prominence in 2013 with his hit song “Mawaya waya” which was a chart topper. He is also affectionately known as the “Dancehall Father” mainly due to the reference to the term in his song “Pool Party”.

Friday 21st April he will be headlining at The James Hotel in Melbourne, alongside some of the biggest Zimbabwean artists and DJ’s in Australia including Dizzy Dee, Tino Nakirwa and HBK.

Shinsoman had been making headlines in the industry before, featuring on many collaborations. He once featured on Sanii Makhalima’s smash hit “Zvachose”. The collaboration gave him the much needed exposure that many people began to notice. He had started singing in 2009 but his music did not see the light on radio stations. The dancehall sensation went on to be signed by Heshi Mufeshi Records. Under the label, Shinsoman released hits singles “Mawaya Waya” and “Bata Panorwadza”. It is his unique husky voice that had made him a force to reckon with in the tightly contested Zim dancehall genre. Shinsoman broke new ground by becoming one of the few dancehall chanters to sing alongside a live band. He unveiled his band in March 2014.